So, a lot of people have asked where I get ideas and I replied my dreams, which created a somewhat disgruntled chorus of moans. I get it, it’s a very artistic wankery sort of answer.

But, I do! I can force myself to lucid dream about 80% of the time, nightmares not included, because no matter how much I know a nightmare is not happening and that I am asleep it still terrifies me and it ends only when I wake up or I die in dream. Anyways, that’s a whole different session of therapy!

Lucid dreaming is the act of knowing when you are asleep and, in my case, being able to control certain aspects of the dream. Basically, this means I get to do a lot of world exploring in whatever I am dreaming, I ask a lot of questions of the things/people I dream, and get a very real sense of them. It’s weird.

Especially with my latest romp.

I dreamt I was an abandoned child who lived with her kindly neighbors and the childrens’ secretly imaginary giant wardrobe, that spoke in Winnie the Pooh’s voice. Well, turns out there was a full on war against imaginary things and creatures from these spooky wisps of shadowy, starry people. Pooh Wardrobe ends up taking me to make believe land and the four children use their own portals to go off to fight the imaginary eaters.

This is when I woke up the first time. I was first of all wondering why the hell a giant wardrobe got Winnie the Pooh’s voice and even his habit of saying “Oh, bother.” And then I wanted to know more. Do you know how we defeated those first monsters? Peaches. That’s right. I threw a peach at one and killed it. The other kids threw various items that unlocked ways into the imaginary world at different locations. I needed to know more.

So, back to sleep at 4am. I concentrated on the fear and worry and Pooh the wardrobe and soon enough I was by General Pooh’s side, he was a general, he had fought in the first war against the creatures. That’s when he lost his original imaginary shape. The things ate anything imagined. The oldest boy, Peter, had imagined himself arms in the real world, when in fact he was an amputee. This is what had drawn the shadows to us.

Fruit defeated them because of two reasons I think, children prefer fruit to vegetables largely, and fruit is/was alive. Living, real things killed the shadows which thrives only on imagination. So, I ended up designing all these weapons based on fruits and undergoing training with imaginary friends, imagined everythings.

We won the war, but at great losses.

And that whole mess of a dream goes into my “ideas” folder. To be kept there for all eternity, or polished someday and made into a story. Who knows?

But, really, my dreams provide most of the fodder I need for writing.


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