I’m well into my second week of losing 25kg and already that initial “I can do this” high is wearing off.

I just miss sugar. I’m told that it gets easier once it’s out of your system. But geez, that stuff is a drug!!

Husband is supporting me by not buying me snacks anymore. Finally. It took ages of me asking him to stop. My friends are being awesome and cheering me on.

I think it’s just tough to keep my eye on the prize because the prize isn’t even 100%. Yes, I will get healthier and that IS awesome. But more than anything, I’m doing this for IVF.

Research says I will have a 20-30% chance of success every round of IVF. It just seems so low and it’s hard not to be pessimistic about those numbers.

I did great my first week with losing 2.5 kg. If I could keep that up, I’d be so happy. But I know it will eventually slow down and I’ll have to work for it.

Nevertheless, onward!

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