Body mass index, or BMI, is dumb. It’s a dumb way to decide health. But here we are.

I’m aiming to reach a BMI of 30 in 10-12 weeks. That’s about 20kg to go.

Will it be difficult? Yes.

Will it be worth it? Also, yes!

The IVF clinic says I can’t begin until I’m at BMI 30 and so that is what we shall do.

I have managed to drop one BMI in the last 4 days by watching my sugar intake, my calories, and taking a daily 30-minute walk. On April 1st, I’m adding in dance training via an 8-week program called Figure 8.

I was going to try intermittent fasting but the sources I’ve read say that it’s unhealthy for women trying to get pregnant and those who are already pregnant.

Right now, my meals are generally:

-One Densia yogurt, one piece of whole fruit, 250ml of coffee

-300ml protein or slim shake (I alternate daily) made with oat milk, 1 cup of raw veggies

-Dinner as usual as long as it isn’t fried, buttered, or sugary and no rice or bread.

I’m trying to cut out “white” foods, mostly that means processed stuff like white bread, rice, sugar, milk (ignore my yogurt), and other junk.


I painted my nails black to make myself more aware of what’s going into my mouth.

I already don’t drink or smoke–so that bit was easy.

I’m tracking calories with the LoseIt! app and made a little graph of the BMI / weight scale for my height and the date I achieve each goal. It helps me stay focused and also I like to see my real-life experience bar!

Let’s level up by working out and weighing less!

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