Well, things are on a roll.

Tomorrow at 10 am, partner and I have a 10-minute meet session with a clinic doctor to find out if their clinic is the right fit and ask our questions.

There are three clinics in total that we’re interviewing. I think the fact that we have this appointment makes it feel more real–like something is actually starting.

I think the IVF route will be more enjoyable than what we’ve been doing for the last year. Namely, BBT every morning when I wake up and then ovulation kits every day until I ovulate, sperm in a tube and FWOOSH! Right up the vagina.

Unpleasant to say the least.

I happily throw out all those leftover kits and tests and that DAMNED thermometer.

No, I think IVF will be much less think work involved on our part and we can just focus on other things–namely the numerous appointments we’ll have. But I am hopeful that this will be slightly less stressful than trying to navigate it alone.

So–tomorrow at 10 am. The adventure is taking shape. When I actually visit the clinic we choose and start tests, the adventure will begin in earnest. Until then, one day at a time.

Happy baby thoughts!

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