The meeting with the clinic doctor went well enough. But ’tis as I expected. I need to lose weight to meet the requirements in Japan for IVF assistance.

Before we can do anything, I’ll need to lose approximately 25 kg (55 lbs). That’s no small chunk of weight. So, I need a plan and I need help. A little support too.

I’m aiming for 1kg a week, which means a September IVF start (boo)…but it’ll mean a healthier me (yay, I guess).

The first thing I did was download a calorie tracker on my cell. I’ve input my weight, height, and goal. The app says I’m allowed 1400 calories a day, which is WAY above what I already consume. So, I think I need to become more mindful of what I’m eating.

Breakfast: One pack Danone Densia yogurt (thanks husband) (Densia is a calcium boost yogurt so that should help too) AND one piece of whole fruit. (Along with my 240 ml of coffee…baby steps, ok?)

Lunch: Protein or Slim-fast shake made with oat milk. Husband is letting me buy multiple brands and flavors here so I don’t get too bored of the taste.

Dinner: As per usual, but we want to watch out for carbs (goodbye rice) and sugars and up the protein and veggie and fiber intake!

I’m going to stick to this meal plan for a couple weeks along with my usual daily walk before moving onto the more intensive workout. I just know if I try to do it all at once I’ll feel overloaded and quit everything altogether.

So, project 25kg in 25 weeks begins! This is ok. I can do this.

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