Well, it’s done. Like the title says–I finished my first week of full time at Japan Travel. It still hasn’t really sunk in that I get paid to write and edit. I’m truly happy.

What does this mean for my writing? Well, the short story collection is just waiting on my frontispieces. I’m hoping to get them done before the year’s end.

Echomancer is with beta readers. So far two people have read it and I’ve received good feedback. We’ll see if anyone else finished it by the end of September and if not I’ll just go into my last round of edits as is.

I’m hoping October or November can be my return to writing. As I’ll have a better handle on how work needs to progress I should be better able to work writing into my schedule.

I have a few people waiting for the conclusion of the Crow Brides and others waiting for book two of Echomancer. I owe it to myself and them to write these stories with characters I dearly love.

But as for September–I am swamped. Good night.

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