How long has it been since I updated? Long enough that my page almost expired. Dearie me.

Well, plenty has been happening!

  • My short story collection, Kaleido Tales, is in its final stages of pre-production. It will include ten stories–one never before seen–along with papercut illustrations.
  • The first book of Echomancer is out to beta readers. Once it’s back in (end of August) I’ll be doing some heavy editing and then it’s time to hit up would-be agents!
  • I GOT A JOB! After graduating from the University of Chicago last winter, I was able to find my dream job in Tokyo this June. I am a travel writer/ editor/ translator for Japan Travel. I absolutely love that I mostly write and edit for work now; and best of all, I still have time to write!
  • The second book of Echomancer is being written–I’m hoping to have a rough draft ready by winter this year. We’ll see how that goes!

It’s great to be online again. And hopefully I’ll have some new stories and goodies for everyone shortly~!

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