Oh, goodness! What a busy week I have had. I don’t even know where to start really. So let’s do it this way:

  • Had a meeting with my university rep to critique my resume and CV.
    Subsequently got a lot of feedback and got to ask all my questions about what needs to be done from here in order to be a successful copyeditor. The answer: A LOT!!! It seems getting the certification was the easy part. Now I should:
    + join various CE associations.
    + create my brand, logo, website, business cards, business plan.
    + build up experience.
    + network.
    + expand my skills (AMA-style, medical editing, dev. editing, etc)
    It’s a lot to take in and plan for, but plan we must!
    To start off I have registered my domain: paperdoor.net; and now I am planning the information that needs to be included. *screams into the void*
  • Still editing my book of short stories: Kaleido Tales; an Anthology of Magic and Mess
    It’ll include NINE short stories from the site, polished up and edited in full; as well as a shiny new story: Alieri’s Wish; not to be published anywhere else. I’m hoping to have it ready to go mid-summer.
  • Along with editing a book comes formatting and designing the blasted thing. I have a mockup cover:
    I wanted it to be a kaleidoscope, obviously, but also a bit reminiscent of a magic book and nice to look at, of course. I think I accomplished that but who knows how much more I’ll play with it.

So there we go! Lots to do. Never enough time to do it in. Am I right?

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