I have a lot on my plate for 2019. I always worry when I make plans that they’ll fall to pieces in only a few months. I’m sure everyone has problems with commitment and motivation.

My big project right now is editing nine stories and writing one new original story for self-publishing in a physical book. I’m hoping to have it all ready by the end of March. So far I’ve edited fifty-five pages and written the new story. That gives me another two hundred pages to edit. Oh, boy.

So how to stay motivated with this beast of a project? I’m not going to sugarcoat it or lie to myself: some days are hard. Like, really hard. The first few days especially, I struggled to edit five pages a day–yesterday though, I edited twenty! So the first rule is to be forgiving to yourself. You’re not going to hit twenty every day–and that’s ok. Just try again tomorrow (and none of that roll over junk).

Another big one for me is taking naps–I say taking naps as though I actually sleep. I can’t be the only one who concocts elaborate stories and cinematic characters as I doze. Usually when I lie down the first thirty minutes (at least) are dedicated to daydreaming. I do some of my best writing and story planning during nap time. And yes, I always have my phone in document mode in case I need to take notes of an especially good bit of dialogue.

Finally, and probably most importantly for me. I need to move. I need to physically get up and leave my desk every now and then. I work from home and I’m a housewife when I’m not working–that’s a lot of time to be in a 4LDK. I don’t like feeling like a hamster. I need green and going on a walk gets my blood circulating and my thoughts running.

So, here’s to the rest of 2019, still in its infancy. I’ll do my best to stay motivated and forgive myself on the days I’m just not.

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