Happy new year to all~! So, I’m a week late but I had influenza. In my book that absolves me from the late fee. I managed to finally struggle out of bed on the 4th long enough to visit Nagaoka Tenjin Jingu with the husband to pay our yearly tithe to the old gods (Shinto). We both drew rather poor fortunes so I am guessing the gods didn’t get our coins.

Time to take the year and life into my own hands. I just graduated from my copyediting certification program and am not leaving anything to the whims of Japanese deities. So what am I doing to ensure good fortune? What am I not doing at this point!

I’ve advertised myself to friends in order to build up my editing profile and managed to snag a couple contracts. So there are some testimonials and a little bit of income even!

I’ve begun a bullet journal (BuJo) to keep tabs on all of my work, thoughts, and frustrations–no year is without frustration. Best to just prepare for it up front.

And I’ve decided to be nicer to myself when I fail. Whether that failure comes in the form of not exercising every other day as I have planned in my BuJo or getting refused for a job. Failure is part of the game and I can’t let it put me down or distract me from going forward. So I miss an exercise day? Big woop–just try to make the next day. So I get a rejection letter? Find out why and how I can turn my shortcomings around.

Stay positive and stay working. I’m going to make a career this year. That’s the name of the 2019 game.

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