A recent meme’s been circulating where someone names a theme and you reply with your top five of said topic. Here were the things I was asked to top five.

Board Games?
Candyland (I am a child. Shush.)
Jenga (I’m counting it.)
Mouse Trap (Does anyone else even remember this one? I loved it.)
Clue (It’s just too fun.)
Scrabble (Spelling and vocab? I am there!)

Thai tea
mint tea
jasmine tea
English breakfast

Comfort Foods?
ovaltine (comfort drink?)
frito boats (This was fancy dining as a kid.)
baked potato with the works
banana nut bread

Fictional Characters?
Oh, lawdy! This is hard! Ok, let’s see:
Schmendrink (The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle)
Sailor Moon
Kakashi Hatake
Chrestomanci (Another flamboyant wizard…dear me. From Diana Wynne Jones’s Chronicles of Chrestomanci. To be honest, I could also name Howl, but I’ll refrain.)


Peter S. Beagle (No one is surprised.)
Diana Wynne Jones
Miyuki Miyabe
Maggie Stiefvater
Tanith Lee

People Who Influenced Me:
Lainey (The bestest friend I never thought I’d find. She adopted me and named me and helped me become a good person.)
Mr. Chalk (My high school Japanese teacher whom I adopted as a grandfather. He is everything family should be.)
Justin (My younger brother who has saved me more times than he could possibly know.)
Adam (My other brother who has taught me to smile no matter what.)
Sailor Moon (No matter how much I wanna cry and give up I’ll keep going to protect what matters to me.)


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