Question via Facebook:
Which Steven Universe gem do you most identify with? And what’s your favorite song from the show?

Ooh boy, I love Steven Universe.

The gems, hmm. I think Pearl, Garnet, and Rose Quartz.

Pearl is the mom, and I feel like a lot of friends come to me with the problems. I typically like helping others with their problems. And I can be a little too organized sometimes (though you’d think I’m an Amethyst).

Garnet, now that is me. A delicate fusion of a hot mess and a cool temper. I get my chaos more in that form I think. And I have strangely accurate future vision at times, which freaks out my husband to no end.

Rose Quartz, she did what she had to do and made a lot of hard decisions. Decisions that went against who she was supposed to be and decisions that hurt people. But she still always tried to do what she felt was right and in the end I think she was happy with the choices she made. Also, she adopted like–every stray gem. It’s me with friends. “You’re my family now. And you’re my family now. And you too!”

Best songs, agh! There are so many. How about a top three?
‘It’s Over Isn’t It?’
‘Here Comes a Thought’ (This helps me SO much with anxiety.)
‘Cookie Cat’ (What? Fight me! That song is great!) or ‘Stronger Than You’

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