Beginning next week I’m going to be trying a different update schedule. Instead of Monday through Saturday posts it’ll turn into a Monday-Wednesday-Friday system. There are a few reasons: working on my copyediting certification from University of Chicago; wanting to make more quality content; finishing my manuscript for Echomancer; and to stop flooding inboxes or feeds.

The new posts will probably look something like:
Monday – (1)Book Review/ (2)Writing Advice/ (3)Quote
Wednesday – (1)Q&A/ (2)Writing Prompt/ (3)Journal
Friday – Original Writing

With (1), (2), (3) being first week of the month, second, third; rinse and repeat. I hope this will let me have more time to focus on life, as well as make better content.

If you’ve any suggestions for me, please, leave a comment or shoot me a message. Thank you~


If you like this content please share it. Likes are very nice, but shares show other people who might interested where to look for me. Thank you so much!


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