by Serena W Sorrell


(MC in Serena W Sorrell’s novel-in-progress Echomancer. All questions were randomly generated here, and for the sake of simplicity I will pretend my characters understand everything, even if it does not appear in their world, but such items will be marked with an [*].)


  1. What is your favorite ice cream* flavor?
  2. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
    Anything but Arshenquil on that terrible thing he calls an instrument.
  3. Which is better, being the boss or an employee?
    I believe I work best in my current position; I lead and I follow. Although I would not complain if the current general were to retire.
  4. What would motivate you to run a marathon*?
    If it were for a reason other than simply doing it. Marathons as they are achieve nothing for anyone but yourself.
  5. What are some things you shouldn’t say at work?
    A good rule would be to not say anything Chaya or Arshenquil say…
  6. Would you rather be tall and fat or short and well built?
    I need to be able to protect; so long as I can do that appearances do not concern me.
  7. What are your hobbies?
    …Gildi says I am sorely lacking an actual hobby; however, I believe martial training is a hobby. Certainly a better one than the things that entertain him…
  8. Have you ever been in love?
    No. Though contrary to however much they vex me, or what they would think, I do care about my comrades. Greatly.
  9. Do you prefer a quiet night at home or going out to a big party?
    Hylarchs grant me a quiet night. That would be beyond words.
  10. How would you define success?
    Completing the Echomancer and aiding her to heal Arkashia. If possible I would–no, never mind. It would be selfish of me.

Other Echomancer main character’s answers:
Chaya Elderleaf
Arshenquil Gildi
Glinn Elderleaf
Bellus Verewinn

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