Question via Twitter:
How do you maintain your updating schedule?

Here’s the thing about me a lot of people don’t realize; I am super- hyper organized. To the point it is probably unnecessary preparation or organization, but it is me. I can’t even not do it. Thanks anxiety for that one~ So here’s what it looks like when I’m blogging.


Yes, that’s right. I have a calendar in Excel, telling me what I do on each day and which days I’ve cleared (of of now my goal is the end of June). Yellow means not finished and orange is ready. I have a Word .doc with blog templates for every. day. of. the. week. I just copy and paste in the body and boom! Type away. It takes away the prep time and the ‘How do I set up these posts again’ confusion, also it makes them neat and orderly.

But if you ask my friends they will be quick to say something along how weird, quirky, spontaneous, chaotic, another synonym for one of those I am. And I am those things. But it all spawns from a place of knowing I got this shit locked down. I am ordered chaos.

That being said, blog however works best for you.


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