Question via Source:
What is your Hogwarts House? What do you think your patronus would be?

Well, according to Pottermore, here are my results:
I know you only asked for my house and patronus, but I figured since I’ve taken all the tests, by golly, you get to see all the results. And see my real name in the process. I pretty much agree with all of this. My second house would be Hufflepuff, third Slytherin, and fourth Gryffindor (some friends may disagree with this because I am extremely unpredictable and seem to seek confrontation and danger. I would argue I am merely sticking up for people who cannot do so for themselves, and also that I am cursed.
I’ve really nothing to say about my Ilvermorny House, as we know nothing about them except that they are appropriation-a-licious (don’t even get me started on the name of the Japanese magic school…ugh).
I do agree with my wand assessment. In the HP world I would very much like to be a wand-maker and tried to find out as much as I could about them, so I consider myself well-versed in wand lore. Except lengths, those still baffle me. I can only say I’m tall? So maybe that has some bearing?
And the unicorn. If you know me, or pay attention on this blog, you will doubtlessly be aware of my deep love of unicorns. Mind you they ought to be proper unicorns (cloven hooves, longer neck, slender, spiraled horn, lion-like tail, bearded or not), none of this white horse with a horn stuck on. Outrageous! And unicorns are not the dainty, sweet ponies people have come to think of them as. Unicorns of lore were fierce truth-seekers and loyally protective of their kin. I like to think I am too. A dragon would also be acceptable, or a bat, pangolin, or jellyfish.
So, there you are. My favorite teacher by the way was Minerva, followed by Hagrid (he really tried, ok?). And I am in the Snape hate club. Also Dumbledore. I’d like to kick both of them in the rump.

Do you agree with my Pottermore quiz results? I admit I am not the biggest HP fan, it was amusing but I’d very much like it to be rewritten with less usage of ‘thunderstruck’.


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