There are few things that I like more than a hot bath on a cold, rainy day. Lately cold and rainy days have been abundant. Thankfully, for all the things Japan may lack or come up short (clothes dryers), bathtubs are both one of those areas.

I am a big lady; being over 175 centimeters and very curvy there aren’t a whole lot of places that fit me in Japan. But my deep and long bathtub does. The water comes up to my neck! And I only have to cross my ankles and bend my knees a little to fit! That’s pretty amazing to me who grew up with a bathtub that hit maybe my belly button as a teenager and knees, knocking together, as they rose like mountain peaks from the tub.

And the additional options! Ugh~ I’ve been quite partial to epsom salt with lavender infusion lately as it does actually help my arthritis. Before that I was a big sakeburo (powdered sake in the tub!) or yuzuburo (powdered citrus fruit in the tub!) user. As well as a frequent bather in kusuri-yu, which is a sort of medicinal bath formula.

And hot springs? Love them! Especially the stinky, sulfuric ones–bad smell, smooooooth skin~ Not to mention hinoki bath tubs, which are made of a special pine wood that infuses the water with a great smell. And if it’s outdoors all the better. There’s nothing like sitting in sixty centigrade water while cold air blows through your hair. And, no, I’ve never caught a cold that way.

I love baths. I love soaking. I love reading in the bath, or listening to music, or just listening to the rain fall with my eyes closed. Baths are the best.


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