Question via Source:
What is your favorite technological achievement in history?

Well, poo. This is very difficult. I mean there are so many!
Paper, mechanical pencils, ball point pens, refrigerators, vaccinations, the internet, computers, cell phones, heating/cooling systems, sewing machines, textiles in general (I mean wow!), rockets, satellites, navigation systems (paper map reading for your parent as a child is still a nightmare of mine), chapstick, .mp3 music, digital storage, cloud storage, automatic bath-filling (I love you Japan), Japanese toilet seats that do everything, he ability to video chat with my friends thousands of miles away, still in-design automatic translators, and so, so, so many more.
Do we as a species even realize how incredible we are? What a knack for creating we have, and how many of these creations have been for more knowledge or just to make living more comfortable. I honestly do not believe humanity is inherently bad, I believe we are so much more. And if we as a species were given full freedom and equal opportunities around the world, my gods, what a world we could make.


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