Question via Facebook:
If you could create your own mythical hybrid of animals what would it be? Does it have a creation story?

First off, I want to know if this is a one animal sort of cryptid deal, or they can populate the world.
If the former I shall pass on this amazing power. I want no hand in the creation of something that is to be stalked and wondered about for all time.
If the latter, then to be perfectly frank I really love the races I’ve made for my novel-in-progress, some of which are hybrids of animals, especially the cniphra.
The cniphra are an aquaphilic race, and a mix of sea hares, cuttlefish, jellyfish, and a cephalopod propulsion system. They were made by the most peaceful of hylarchs (more or less embodiments of the elements, or a kind of god to the people of this world), Undeluj.
Undeluj wanted to make a race that could freely away from the squabbles of the land races; the humans; the lesh (tree people); the pukka (shapeshifting deer); garisier (rock-crushing dinosaur-bunnies with Predator-like mouths covered by a cranial bone); and the vohu (one-horned, scaled, and feather-haired but human otherwise in appearance, just stronger). Each race has their own corresponding hylarch and creation story. But telling them all would take up a long space and be terribly spoiler-y, so there you are.
No, if they must be one of a kind.
Yes, if they’d be a whole lot of them.
Also, air jellyfish of some sort would be beautiful. Also they’d cut down on the noise of morning birds… ugh, I hate birds (with an exception to owls and corvids).


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