So, the third and final installment in 30-minute sketches of last year’s Inktober, done with Lainey. Set one. Set two. And–onto set three!

18. Cosmic dance – I’ve not really anything to add to this, but I’d like to revisit it with proper time and perhaps splattering paints.

19. “Primadonna Girl” song by Marina and the Diamonds – I am a M&tD fan, and I’ve always felt this song is more about duality of what society expects women to be and what we’re forced to hide.

20. On my way to Scarborough Fair – I did not know this poem/song, but after reading the lyrics the line: parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme really stuck in my head. I wanted to if those herbs had a meaning and if they were related to the rest of the prose. I kind of felt they were, and I wanted to draw a bouquet of basically “go away because I want to forget you and move on”.

21. Favorite Book Character – This one was so hard! But right now it’s Noah Czerny from The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. Yay Noah~

22. Keys to the Kingdom – I’m an 80s baby. Eureeka’s Castle is where it was, man.

23. Empathy – Is a very important trait, and one I believe many people are lacking.

24. Black and White – This is Sven. Sven is the galley cook on The Menagerie, an enchanted pirate ship crewed entirely by magical creatures, except her captain. Who must be human. Expect the short story soon.

25. The Masks Around Us – This one was for the men in my life. Expressing emotions is something society doesn’t really let boys and men do well. I grew up hearing boys around me being told to “man up”, “grow a pair”, “stop being a girl”, and “you’re a sissy” any time they expressed emotion. I feel like this definitely carried over into adulthood and we’re left with a generation of men afraid to show weakness. A lot of the PTSD group, men coming to grips with their sexuality, or even something as mundane as relationship problems. They aren’t allowed to be “not fine”. Men are three to four times more likely to commit suicide, violently, than women. All too often we ALL wear the “I’m fine” mask, but some don’t even realize they’re wearing it because it’s been there their whole life.

26. All That Glitters Is Gold – I like dragons. I like corvids. They both like shinies. I feel like they definitely need a short story. Although depending on what the dragon decides it might be a very short story.

27. Mythology – It is no secret to those close to me I have a thing for god of the Underworld. Ah, Hades~ You’re too good for your pantheon.

28. “Pictures of You” by The Cure – I am not a big Cure listener, so this was the first time for me to hear the song. After reading the lyrics the line that really stuck with me was “And we kissed as the sky fell in” and I wanted to draw my OTP from my novel in progress. So I did. Nyah~

29. Chrestomanci – Lainey and I both enjoy The Chronicles of Chrestomanci series by, the late and great, Diana Wynne Jones. This is my take on the robe-wearing eccentric wizard, The Great Chrestomanci (Christopher Chant version). I like to imagine he just surprises house guests by lounging provocatively, and makes everyone generally very uncomfortable. Until Millie puts a stop to his shenanigans and makes him actually do his work. And put clothes on. Which are just as gaudy as his robes.

30. Cabbagetown Express – I have no idea what was supposed to come to mind and I have no excuses for what I’ve created. Thirty minutes in Photoshop and this is what happened. I’m an art graduate–they’re going to revoke my diploma.

31. Hocus Pocus – Shu (the husband) and I have co-written/designed a manga called Hocus Pocus. This is Salem Myst, one of the main characters. She’s a powerful, air-head witch who destroys things by accident (usually). Her familiar is a crow named Crow who turns into various weapons, as seen here. She kind of, sort of, released a terrible demon she may-or-may-not have summoned, shattered, and captured years ago. Because she might have, maybe, knocked over the lantern it was sealed in, which she had been keeping in the attic… And so she’s been on a five year journey to re-capture all the pieces, and she miiiight be destroying cities along the way….

Her husband is a very kind farmer named Jin, who gets stomach ulcers every time the villagers talk about the Terrible Chaos Witch rampaging across the country. He knows Salem doesn’t mean to break everything, she’s just very unaware of her surroundings and accident prone and he really hopes no one finds out that his sweet wife is the one flattening entire towns.

They have a 10 year old daughter, Saga, who has just discovered her own powers and is determined to use them to help as many people as possible, because her mama always told her to help people whenever you can. She’s just completed her familiar summoning recipe… and it’s a haughty book worm named Page.

But I only drew Salem because of the 30-minutes time limit.

This whole idea came from a conversation Shu and I had years ago:
“If you lived in a fantasy world what would you be? I’d definitely be a witch. Probably a clumsy one who broke things without realizing it.”
“I’d be a farmer. Fighting is scary….dragons, curses, boss monsters, dungeons. No. Farms are good. I’d have a cow and chickens and a garden.”
“I married an NPC…”


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