Question via Tumblr:
What’s your usual Pokemon team or what are your top 6 favorites?

Finally we’re getting to the heart of who I am as a person. Hahah~ Those are very different answers! So, if it’s alright I shall answer them as such.

PVP team: (Don’t worry I’ll spare you items, EVs/IVs/, natures, abilities, and skills.)
1. Mega Metagross (dis my baby)
2. Azumarill (husband’s favorite)
3. Whimsicott
4. Chandelure
5. Crobat
6. Bewear
(Admittedly this team changes ALL the time.)

Favorite mon:
1. Espurr (I own every Espurr good made…it’s that bad. Meowstic, by extension of Espurr… also own all of their goods…)
2. Metagross (My cute little murder monster~ Sadly, only a little merch.)
3. Dunsparce (What? Fight me! This mon is cute and strong AF!)
4. Lurantis (mostly its first form when it’s all *stab stab*. OMG adorable~)
5. Tsareena (We pretty much have the same name and she kicks things to death!)
6. Hydreigon (Sock puppet dragon. What’s not to love?)
7. Alola Ninetales (Damn. This thing was so strong.)
8. Gallade (Ah, beautiful slicer and dicer~ I may be a violent person….)
9. Snivy (He just looks like such a snob. I love him.)
10. Flygon (So derp, much love.)

Yes, it has been pointed out that I have an extreme gap between what I love in the Pokemon world. It’s either cute/graceful or full on ready to fuck your shit up. ❤

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