Sometimes these journal entries are really tough for me. There’s not a whole happening in my life other than reading books all the time, updating various networking sites, and writing/ studying.

But recently, more so than usual, as I am the creative person in most of my group’s a lot of people have asked me how to stay creative during a busy life?

My answer? I dunno. I’m a stay at home wife who works on my own schedule. I mean, I keep myself busy from 9am to 7pm pretty much, so maybe that counts as a busy life, but it’s all stuff I want to do–so probably not.

My advice, I guess if I must, is to carry around a mini notebook (drawing or writing), take smart phone pictures if photography is your thing, write down ideas for stories in e-mail and send them to yourself (a tactic I often employ).

Last October, my friend and I did ‘Inktober’ under the stipulation neither of us could spend more than thirty minutes on a single drawing. I know her life is super busy and I didn’t want this to be one more thing to add to daily stress. I figure, pretty much anyone has thirty minutes to doodle on a napkin during lunch.

If you’re so busy that you can’t devote thirty minutes a day to being creative or your passion, you may need to reevaluate your priorities. Family life is pretty much going to eat most of your time if you have children, a major deciding factor in my decision to not (I like quiet and doing what I want, when I want. I also like buying stuff like books and video games for me. Yay! I’m a selfish non-breeder! We shan’t delve into the deeper reasons because down that rabbit hole lies years of therapy I need. hahahaha~ Moving on!)

Every one, no matter who they are or what they do, needs to have their outlet. A way to get rid of that stress that builds up every day. If you can’t let it out daily, try three times a week? Find a rhythm that works for you, but don’t let it become a chore you make yourself do. Then it just becomes another thing you have to do and another stressor.

Creativity is important. The form doesn’t really matter.


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