How fun that my journal day falls on Halloween. While living in the USA Halloween was my favorite holiday. A day to dress up, which I love to do, and a day to get candy, which I love to eat. What’s not to love!?

However, alas, Japan doesn’t really do Halloween beyond drinking parties at loud clubs for adults and costume “marches”. Those are both things with entirely too many people in a very cramped space. For someone who walks with a cane it’s not fun, and not very feasible. I am one slow walking mofo… and zombie costumes are out. If anything supernatural ever terrified me it is zombies. *shudder*

That’s not to say I don’t still have my Halloween fun over here. Usually, some dear friend from the States will remember me and send a bag or two of Halloween treats, yum (sad fact: Japan does not combine chocolate and peanut butter, ANYTHING). And I have introduced husband to all of my favorite Halloween movies: Hocus Pocus (#1 forever), The Addams Family movies, The Worst Witch (Tim Curry is darling), The Labyrinth (is it ever a bad time to watch that movie, methinks not), and Nightmare Before Christmas every few years (I’m sorry Hot Topic, it’s just not a favorite).

But I do miss the dressing up. I used to cosplay at anime conventions, and well, Japanese anime conventions are not what I was expecting…I was expecting any modicum of fun, really. They don’t have any fun, only sweat, lines, and order.

Some of my favorite Halloween costumes from the past (not anime con cosplay) are:
★Piccolo from Dragonball Z (green paint everywhere for weeks… and yes, he’s an anime character, but this was before I knew what a con was)
★Vegeta also from Dragonball Z
★Sailor Moon from… Sailor Moon
★Nightcrawler from X-Men (blue paint everywhere for weeks)
★The Queen of Hearts, full dress and a bloodied axe (I was a weird kid)
★Fieval from An American Tail (a really weird kid)

What were your favorite costumes if you celebrate(d) Halloween?


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