In Shadow Family, readers are drawn into the amorphous world of Internet chat rooms-a world of people from all walks of life attracted by the possibility of being whomever they want to be.

Police investigating the murder of a middle-aged office worker discover e-mail correspondence on the victim’s computer that indicates he had been a regular participant in an Internet chat room, as the “father” in a fantasy “family.” Meanwhile, a female detective is assigned to protect the dead man’s real-life daughter who complains of being stalked. As the real daughter confronts her father’s alternate life, we are pulled into a psychological drama that pits reality and illusion against each other in astonishing ways.

Review : 
Let it be said, I love Miyabe’s fantasy works, this was my first romp through her thriller work.

It was not bad. Being set almost entirely in an interrogation room was an unusual and interesting touch. The backwards sort of raveling of the story was quite interesting and seeing a plan come to fruition in a way that the reader is not privy to was also interesting.

That being said. These implemented techniques were the interesting bits, the story itself was just ok.

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