Question via Facebook : 
Where do you like to write?

Answer : 
It really depends what the timing is.

If I’m at home and free to choose, I’ll shut myself into my awesome office room. Those who have seen it can attest to its awesomeness. I have a big L desk, widescreen desktop, over 500 books, Pokémon plushies, a tatami mat that looks like a magic carpet, and lots of lamps and lighting to see by. I’m still saving up for a really good reading chair/ sofa, but they are hard to find in Japan.

If my cat insists on being with me, since she isn’t allowed in my office because she’s a book biter, I’ll use the auxiliary laptop in the kitchen downstairs so she isn’t lonely.

Sometimes, I’ll go with husband on his day business trips. This usually entails the laptop at a Starbucks.

During my work commute I use my cell phone to write via the Google Docs app, and when husband inevitably falls asleep before I do, I do the same then.

Really I’ll write anywhere, or read, I just need over the ear headphones and an idea in my head.

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