My dear friend’s place of work is in the planning stages for a Literary Festival. It’s on the opposite side of the world, but she was kind enough to invite me to speak (via video recording/ Skype/ or scripted powerpoint). In addition, I’m hoping to have some physical copies of my collection of fairy tales Wander in the Wildwood for sale there, as well as some business cards for the website here.

(If you’re reading this after the Festival, Hi!)

So, even though I quit my English teaching job I feel like it was the right decision for me. Nine years is a long time to do something that makes you cry and hyperventilate in public bathrooms after work because co-workers, bosses, and students bully you in a foreign language assuming you don’t speak and understand everything they’re saying. Among other reasons, but hey! By the time you read this I’ll have been one month free from that and hopefully have started accumulating some private English lessons, or freelance editing while attending my University of Chicago online courses. Thank goodness the “classroom” days are only once a week, because class from 0:00 to 1:00 am more than one day a week and I’d become a zombie, an unhappy zombie.

So here’s to working hard and changing one’s life! *raises her coffee*

6 thoughts on “Journal Topic : Literary festivals and preparing a book!

  1. You constantly inspire me with your hard work and re-inventing yourself! It’s hard! Let me know if you are still up for speaking and or want books and cards put out! I know school has kept you very very busy! Love you!


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