by Serena W. Sorrell


Trail your finger down my spine, oh, love.
Trace the outline of my edges.
Blow your breath across my skin, oh, love.
I’ll give you all my pledges.

Oh, love. Oh, burning fingers.
Oh, sweet. I love how it lingers.
Oh, joy. Oh, your staring eyes.
Oh, rapture. You, my prize.

Open me up, caress all my pages, oh, love.
Read every sentence, each word.
Devour me fast, devour me slow, oh, love.
Let our quiet tryst go undeterred.

Oh, love. Oh, your sweet laugh.
Oh, sweet. You’ve reached the last half.
Oh, joy. Linger slow over each syllable.
Oh, rapture. It’s still reconcilable.

Don’t read my last pages, oh, love.
Please don’t shut me up tight.
Not back to the shelf, oh, love.
Read me again tomorrow night.

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