Question via Facebook :
What authors’ writing styles do you admire the most and why?

Answer :
Oh, so many.

First, of course, there’s Peter S Beagle. His writing makes me feel like I’ve gone to the best, most idea image of home, I’m wrapped up in warm blankets and everything is comfortable, even if there are uncomfortable scenes or characters. It all feels real.

Diana Wynne Jones is another favorite for style. She wrote books for children, but they never felt exclusively “for children”. She never wrote down to them or held back intricate plots or “big” words. She really respected her audience and I think that’s why so many adults also love her works.

Tanith Lee for just being a really out there and imaginative writer. I might not love everything she wrote (and she wrote a lot), but boy, could she crank out the work.

Miyuki Miyabe’s dark fantasy, her crime thrillers do not thrill for me, but her dark fantasy is thrilling, creeping, and utterly human. It leaves you feeling haunted by the world and characters she wrote.

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