Question via Facebook :
How do you keep to a writing schedule and balance life commitments/other interests?

Answer :
To be honest, at the moment, my life commitments are pretty slim (forgive me). I do housework and work two days a week teaching, and hope to pick up private students and freelance editing jobs in the near future, but that’s about it.

Keeping up with the site:
I assigned each day of the week a topic and began queuing posts 2 months before the site went live. I really like to have a BIG safety net. Life happens and this also saved me from having to update every single day, because everyone needs lazy days.

Following a writing schedule:
This answer is probably much more personal. It definitely won’t work for everyone. However, here goes, for at least one hour a day I try to write as much as I can. I seldom give myself a word limit because that pressures me too much, although I’ll never stop if it’s the middle of a scene. Sometimes the planets align and I keep writing past that one hour, sometimes three, four, eight! Sometimes that one hour timer rings and I have a single paragraph, but it’s always more than I had before. I think that’s what matters, that everyday you have more writing than you did the day before.

There are days, and we all have them, I just can’t be buggered to write at all. The mood is off or I’m off, whatever it is I just can’t.

On those days I just do my best to relax, read, draw, take a walk, whatever it takes to reset my will to write.

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