What is the oddest, non creepy, thing about living abroad?

Question via Facebook : What is the oddest, non creepy, thing about living abroad? Answer : Finally experiencing life as a minority, and all the good and bad that comes with. It gave me a lot more perspective I would never have had otherwise as a middle class white woman in the USA (who can…

[short story] the cottage on peppercorn tree hill

A short story written by a fellow author and friend.

Coming Soon

The cottage on Peppercorn Tree Hill was not a cottage: it was a Federation Bungalow with a bay window and Evelyn Millar loved it. From the moment Harold drove her up the dusty road and she saw red brick façade with cream latticework under the eaves, Evie knew they would be happy here. The front was shaded with a large peppercorn tree, for which the hill was named, with a swollen trunk and wide-spanning limbs. Evie jumped out of the car, blonde curls bouncing, and breathed in the fresh country air. A smile curled her lips as she beheld her future looking down at the town below.

            Evie and Harold met in a hospital, though neither was a patient. Her mother Vilma had been volunteering at the 113th Australian General Hospital to care for the many repatriated soldiers wounded in the Pacific. Together with her younger sister, Margaret…

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