Why hello there. Today let’s talk about books, favorite books and authors, rather.

What is it that draws you into someone’s writing? This isn’t rhetorical. Writers love to, and very much need to, know what readers want to read.

For me personally, I like worlds that are believable, yet fantastic. I would say the best example, off the top of my head, is/are the world(s) Diana Wynne Jones creates for her Chronicles of Chrestomanci series. If you haven’t read it, for shame, go get the first book this moment (It will lie, and say it it is book two, but chronologically it is the first)!

Here we have a series that is six books long, and a seventh with four short stories, which are utterly, fantastically impossible, and yet it works. A lot of that may have to do with Diana setting the roots of her story in actual places, or at the very least, places we know through other stories. We have London, ‘vague middle east place’, boarding school, English countryside, Italy, and a few other minor, or more odd locations.

And then there are the characters! Oh~ How I love these characters. My younger brother’s generation has their Harry Potter, and I have come to like the Potterverse (Ravenclaw forever), but I can never love it as I love Chrestomanci. These characters may not be defeating “A Dark One” or flying cars, but the characters just live so much more vibrantly, in my opinion, and do feel free to disagree.

BUT! If you have never read any Diana Wynne Jones you are doing yourself a great disservice and you simply must give her a go.

She’s written so many fabulous books, and admittedly, some less fabulous ones. Among her fabs are, of course, The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Howl’s Moving Castle (trilogy), and Homeward Bounders if you like your fiction as a standalone.

That’s enough here. I have other writers I can, and will, swoon on about later (Peter S. Beagle and Miyuki Miyabe, especially), but that is enough for one post.

Best wishes,
S.W. Wildwood

P.S. My birthday tarot card is ‘The Chariot’, I think it’s rather fitting; however my soul card is ‘The Tower’, which unfortunately, is also rather fitting. How many brushes with Death can one live through I ask you? So far, my answer is eight… I do hope this isn’t like the third book of the Chrestomanci series.

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