I now have 6 fairy tales edited and ready for readers, if you’d like to/are free to lend an eye and thoughts let me know ^-^

Dragonpurr: A cat explains the curse upon its kind.

The Right Monster: A princess goes looking for answers in the dark.

The Listener: A being who listens to a single human’s soul song.

The Professor and the Raven: The two share a goal to help a boy.

A Sacrifice of Seasons: A tree falls in love with a queen.

Storms and Mirrors: Always believe what you see.

What did you like/dislike?
Where was it unclear?
What needs expanding/condensing?
Do you have a favorite/ least favorite?
Other comments.


2 thoughts on “E-mail Me If You’re Interested

    1. Sorry, replied via my cell phone last night. Comments in the document itself are fine as long as they’re easy to find (colors, insert notes, something). Or if writing a summary is better for you that is A-OK too~

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