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Question via Facebook : 
Who are your all time favorite villains?

Answer : 
This is a tough one because I really have a soft spot for a well written baddy. So, as the A type I am, I shall make a list by category! [The brackets will have reasons which will contain spoilers]

*Prince Humperdink and the Count from The Princess Bride [These two just freaked me out with these ease of which they could hurt others and be perfectly fine with, even intrigued. Also, I think the whole angst could’ve been avoided if they had ridden off into their sadism sunset together.]
*The Goblin King from The Labyrinth [OK. Maybe it was less the Goblin King and more those goblins that come up under the sheets in the first goblin scene in the bedroom. Also, the oubliette, and the goblin city. I am oddly alright with the Fieries. And, David Bowie was gorgeous in that movie. I think I mostly ended up pitying him by the end, which to me, makes him a compelling character.]
*Valentine and Gazelle from Kingsman [Oh, how I love almost this whole movie. And the villains! Ugh! Swoon! On the one hand Valentine is a really good guy who is really concerned about the planet, his plan to repair it just involves killing off most of humanity… good heart, bad idea. And, Gazelle, a female bad ass who murders with prosthetic sword feet? Uh, yes!]

*King Haggard and the Red Bull from The Last Unicorn [This is one of those wonderful instances of you get a little info about why Haggard has captured all the unicorns, but we find out nothing about the bull. Haggard, to me, is such a miserably, tragic character that the bull really carries the villainy.]
*Nathaniel Sorrow from The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavendar [Ok, this is not an easy read for survivors of rape. I get the division. But as a survivor myself, to me personally, Nathaniel went from righteous and godly to vile and corrupt in such a believably natural way, and the effects it had on Ava were lasting and all around I think it was handled well.]
*The Others from The Homeward Bounders [The Others, creepy, incorporeal beings who control every action in our world and every world and can ‘discard’ people if they interrupt the gaming. These things terrified me!]

Western Animation:
*Rasputin from Anastasia [While real life Rasputin remains one of my favorite real life amazing people, animated Rasputin was amazingly creepy, scary, vindictive, and damn icky. Though Bartok’s jokes took away a lot of his scare, the guy’s song has stayed with me my entire life. And that ending bridge scene! My goodness! Also, Dimitri, heeeeeeey~]
*Scar from The Lion King [A lot of people really love The Lion King. I do not. I like Timon and I like Scar, obviously for very different reasons. For me the epitome of that movie will always be Scar’s song with the hyenas marching. That was scary as a kid and I learned a lot of big words from it. Yay learning!]
*The Other Mother from Coraline [She. Wants. Coraline. To. Sew. Buttons. Onto. Her. Eyes. Enough said! Also, she’s a giant spider with removable limbs, not ok.]

Japanese Animation:
*Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter [OK, see, Hisoka walks the fine line of I’m afraid of you, but I also kind of want to do naughty things with you. Oh, how he walks that line~]
*Sunako from Shiki [Sunako is a great philosophical villain. Really forcing readers/watchers to wonder what makes a monster, or if a monster even has any choice in what they are. Shiki is one of the few straight horror genre shows/manga I enjoyed thoroughly. Also, hey, it was drawn by one of my favorite manga artists…. so that helps.]
*Knives from Trigun [How is he so evil? Like, geez, Knives! I’d say the guy needs a hug, but it’ll end with Vash destroying a city and millions dead. Knives is just one of those villains who you hate forever and he’s just bad because he wants to be bad. Sometimes those are the best villains.]

Video Games:
*Guzma from Pokémon Sun / Moon [My precious idiot, Guzma. So, from hints in game we learn he was abused as a child, with a golf club, his father thinks he’s trash, he failed at one competition and from that he also thinks he’s trash. I mean his lines when you defeat him? He’s beating himself up constantly. I don’t know, but for me who has anxiety and bipolar and was raised in an abusive environment Guzma is less scary villain and poor, precious person I want to protect. Also, he gave me his favorite rock. And that was the cutest.]
*Melfice from Grandia II [Ah, the days of Dreamcast, my first gaming system and internet portal. And Grandia II was one of the first games I played. I adore Millenia, but it’s hard to count her as a villain since she’s constantly trying to get into Ryudo’s pants (and I’m cheering her on), but Melfice’s story. Oh man, that was some heartbreaking stuff right there. It was one of the earliest times I saw how you could really breaks a viewer or reader’s heart with the right backstory. I cried a lot for Melfice. ]
*Karasu from FF Online [Karasu is the bad guy who constantly interrupts your boring training to become a ninja by telling awful jokes and trying to kill you. I love him. Sarcastic assholes have my heart forever.]

*Zeus [If you need this explained, whoa. What terrible thing doesn’t Zeus do? And he’s considered the best? I’ll be chilling down in Hades, bye~]
*Loki [Loki is the guy who takes all his jokes just 100 steps too far until he pisses off enough people and gets murdered for whatever shit he’s done. I love him and I hate him at times, but he does make Norse mythos much more interesting. Also, propers to Marvel’s Loki for being *motions up and down* all that~]
*Susanoo [Younger sibling hates older sibling and is an absolute shit about everything? Of course, older sibling is also quite the drama queen.]

*Elizabeth Bathory [She bathed in blood!!! I mean, come on!!!]
*The Fox-Faced Man from the Glico-Morinaga Case [OK, this is probably one of my favorite unsolved crimes (yes, I have favorite unsolved crimes) and you should definitely read the Wikipedia article on this. It’s just so freaky and weird, less than scary.]

*Jack the Ripper [Another favorite unsolved case. And such amazing fodder for so many terrifying villains and theories! Grell and Madame Red of Kuroshitsuji being one of my favorites, because of course it was a cross-dressing god of death!]

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