It seems that including ‘read more’ tags onto WordPress got anything below the tag eaten up. Gone! Poof! Vanished!

So, of the 112 posts I had queued I am now going through them one by one to re-write anything eaten by the Readmore Monster. This will take some time, and so, in order to ensure I don’t make myself panic I’ve decided to push back posts to begin again August 1st.

Terribly sorry for the mess, but it does little good if only a scrap of three posts a week get published on all my media.

Until then feel free to send in questions and guest content. I’ll always be in need of more reader questions for Wednesdays and would love to host your original content (writing, art, video, other) on Sundays, of course with full credits and link to your site and/or shop.

Best wishes~
S.W. Wildwood

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